August Genius Annotation

I do the safe thing, relaxing every muscle in my face, emptying out all expression. I stare carefully into the Kekuléan knot of the middle Dean’s necktie.

On "The Tonight Show, with Jimmy Fallon" - Jason Segel was discussing his new movie, "The End of the Tour." He plays a writer, the author of Infinite Jest, David Foster Wallace. Jason said that he picked up a copy of the book and asked "some dudes at my local bookstore" how long it should take to read this book.

Segel goes on to explain what he learned by reading this book, eventually drawing this conclusion. "...and I better make friends with life." Well, that made me want to write (and nearly made me cry.) 

There's more to tell in this story, I'm sure. But, if you use the links on this page, you'll find what you need to know. After five pages of pushing through the "look inside" preview on Amazon, I'm afraid I might have to get this book and spend some time with it. It is challenging (read, difficult) to say the least, based on what I've seen thus far, but that's just the kind of thing that draws my interest.

File Under: Wish I Had Thought of this Sooner!

Wanting to find an article written by my friend, fellow Toastmaster, and business associate, Meilani MacDonald; I searched - "G+ Meilani Tots" and found exactly what I needed!

The breakdown goes like this: 

1) First the classifications;

  • Although I have several friends, you have to be a Google Apps user (including Gmail), to be found in this circle.
  • Although I have at least a dozen fellow Toastmasters, again, you have to be a Google Apps user, to be included in this circle.
  • You may have guessed by now, I have several business associates, and, yes, you have to be a Google Apps user, if I am to include you in this circle.

2) Then the search criteria;

  • G+ refers to Google Plus, which is what the circles are all about, in the classifications above.
  • Meilani can teach you all you need to know about Google Plus - she does this for a living.
  • Tots is the name of her little doggie, who is often included in the stuff she posts, to be enjoyed by the people in her circles.

Why do I wish I had thought of this sooner? Because, by including G+ in my search term, it filters the results in a very meaningful way! The first seven of the top results had content that was an exact match for my needs.

Conclusion: If you are a G+ user, searching for content from someone in your circles, add those two characters to the search to get results that match what you were hoping to find.

Amazon Smile Charity - How To Change

Log into with your Amazon credentials.
Click the name of the current charity, to the right of, "Supporting."

Click "Change your charity" at the bottom left corner of that window.

In that field, below where it says; "Or pick your own charitable organization:" enter the name of the organization you want to benefit by your (and Amazon's) charity. Click Search. Click "Select" to the right of the name of the organization in the search results.

Click select
Thank you

What Little I Know

I wish I had time to tell you what I've learned since election day, 2008. 

On that day, I read a report in the Wall Street Journal, that explained how the housing bubble and the mortgage backed securities debacle had come to be. It surprised me to learn that "bubya" had been sounding the warning about this crisis, long before it came to be the burden that caused the near collapse of our economy.

I'm slightly impaired now, given the time of day, so I'll continue this post tomorrow.

Have a good night.


Don't Feel Much Like Writing

That title is a modified version of a line from a Bob Seger song - "Turn The Page."
The original line is this: 

"And you don't feel much like riding, you just wish the trip was through."

My heart aches. Not just for Robin Williams, but for all the tortured souls of the world. Those who suffer silently, or outrageously, through their pain, whether public or private. Contrasting Robin Williams with Amy Winehouse may not make much sense to many. But, that's what I meant by the "public or private" phrase. We all knew of her struggles, but I knew little of Robin's depression. 

It feels strange to be writing this. Like I just don't know what to say.
Phrases masquerade as sentences at times like these.

There was one great post I saw on Facebook, shared by someone in my circles
(oh, wait, that's G+)
- oh, yeah, I remember now. It was Ann Davis; sharing Anne Lamott's post.

I'm not thinking of much more to say here. So, this will have to do. Deep breath, heavy sigh.