Why Write? - January 18, 2014


Who will read my blog? I cannot say. What I can say for sure is I’ll enjoy writing it. That will have to be enough for me, until I have a few fans. After I’ve become wildly successful and/or famous, people will be able to look back at these humble beginnings.

I hope they’ll say; “Didn’t he have great foresight?!” 

Sometimes, writers run into obstacles. I've had a few of my own. Then, we realize that we must live up to the one great truth; “writers write!" So, if I’m going to be a writer, I simply must write.

You may find it easy to dream up reasons not to write. I could give you a few here, but you probably already know what they are – they have something to do with what you think of yourself, what you think of your audience, what you think of your topic, what you think of your energy, knowledge, ego, tolerance for failure (or success), and maybe even your place in this great big world. Well, guess what; none of those things matter.

What matters is; that you want to be a writer, that you want to blog, for whatever reason you have to put your content into the ether, you simply must write. That’s all that matters.

“When you write, you go to heaven….”

This topic is covered in a blog post I wrote, right after this work was done. The link is provided, as the blog roll rolls on!

That heading is a direct quote taken from CBS Sunday Morning, where they profile Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson. In this segment, near the end, Danson is talking about the effect writing has on her. The full quote is this: 

“When you write, you go to heaven, you really go to some other place that is really almost divine,” he said. - Ted Danson

So stongly did I identify with that statement, that I nearly ran to find paper and pen, as I fought back the tears that come from inspiration. It just about kills me when that pain hits my heart. It’s like falling in love.

For My Next Act - I’ll need a volunteer

This website and so many of the articles I post on this site are about blogging. Today, you get a new perspective on an idea I’ve been promoting for some time now. What will be accomplished if we find a way to get our elders to start blogging? My answer; history preservation. We need your help. Volunteer!

I have several articles written by my grandmother - they were published in her local newspaper under the column title: “Just Reminiscing.” So what, you say? This provides a permanent record of what she was thinking and doing, during a brief moment in time, when she had time to write and post her thoughts. You may have guessed this was done long before the Internet was available. So, I have something special. Thank you, Mr. Gutenberg. I’m still impressed by that 15th century technology.

Now, we have the Internet, websites, and blogs, and Facebook. Any one of these may serve as a platform for recording the stories of your parents and grandparents. So, go ask them. Go get them to tell you stories and even if you have to type it all yourself, put their stories on the web. Do it now, as a history preservation exercise. For selfish reasons and because you care enough to share. You’ll be glad you did. We need your help. Volunteer!

 Brian Rouley